Cleanup Notification Area Icons In your Windows Taskbar

Cleanup Notification Area Icons In your Windows Taskbar

How To Remove Old Notification Icons In Windows 10?

 Are you tired of seeing a bunch of old and unnecessary notification icons cluttering your Windows 10 taskbar? By deleting these icons, you not only clear up desktop clutter but also enhance user experience..We’ll walk you through the process of deleting outdated notification icons in Windows 10 in this step-by-step manual to create a desktop environment that is cleaner and more organized.

 Identify And Prioritize

Start by identifying the old notification icons that you want to remove. Look for icons that are no longer relevant or associated with active applications. Prioritize removing icons that have been accumulating over time and are causing visual clutter on your taskbar.

Access The Notification Area Settings

 To remove old notification icons, you need to access the Notification Area settings. Right-clicking the taskbar brings up a context menu where you may choose “Taskbar settings”. The Taskbar settings panel will open.

Custom Notification Icons You Created

In the Taskbar Settings window, click the “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” tab.  The applications listed below each have toggle switches next to them.

Turn Off Unwanted Icons

Scroll through the list and locate the old notification icons you wish to remove. Toggle off the switch next to each icon to disable it from appearing on the taskbar. Disabling an icon means it will no longer be visible, reducing clutter and optimizing your desktop space.

Configure Notification Behavior

 For certain applications, you may want to retain their notifications but remove their icons..Scroll down to the “Notification area” part of the Taskbar settings panel and click the “Turn system icons on or off” link.. he visibility of system icons like the clock, volume, and network can be adjusted here. Customize these settings according to your preferences.

Open Explorer Again

For the changes to take effect, you might need to restart the Windows Explorer process Right-click the taskbar, select “Task Manager” from the context menu, and then pick “Restart” to find the “Windows Explorer” process.

 Enjoy a Clean Taskbar

Congratulations! You have successfully removed old notification icons from your Windows 10 taskbar. Now, enjoy a clutter-free desktop environment and improved productivity.


 Removing old notification icons from your Windows 10 taskbar is a simple yet effective way to optimize your desktop experience. By following our step-by-step guide, you can easily identify, disable, and remove unwanted icons, decluttering your taskbar and creating a more streamlined workspace.Control your notifications now to enjoy a desktop that is cleaner and more organized.